Our Team

Leadership Team

Dave Jent

Associate Vice President of Networks, Indiana University

Marianne Chitwood

Director of Operations, Director of I-Light / Indiana GigaPOP

Jon-Paul Herron

Executive Director, Internet2 NOC

Luke Fowler

Director, Software and Systems

Management Team

David Ripley

Manager, Monitoring, Information, and Infrastructure Systems

Brian McGough

Manager, Service Management Systems

Caroline Weilhamer

Manager, Regional Network Engineering/Client Engagement

Chris Robb

Director, Internet2 Operations and Engineering

Caren Litvanyi

Manager, Research, and Federal Networks

Jonathan Sherk

Manager, Service Desk

Jeremy Oakes

Operations Manager, Service Desk

Shannon K. Dockter

Manager, Project Management

Dan Doyle

Manager of Network Analysis

Andrew Ragusa

Manager of Network Automation and Performance

Grover Browning

Manager, Network Automation Program