GlobalNOC Light

Meet our newest service

Are you looking for affordable, lightweight network operations center (NOC) services for your smaller college or university? Our new service, GlobalNOC Light, offers a suite of top-notch NOC services to fit your budget. 

The service is built using GlobalNOC’s best-of-breed operations automation platforms. With a simple configuration console, your campus IT staff can set a high-level monitoring policy for your network, while GlobalNOC Light automatically and constantly updates monitoring based on this policy when we detect changes in your network via automated polling.

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GlobalNOC Light Service—Why us?

Trusted partner

The GlobalNOC has been a trusted partner in the research and education community for the past 20+ years, providing world class network support and systems services.

Human interaction

When there’s a critical issue happening on your campus network, our world-class Service Desk will be in touch with you via a phone call, discussing the alert. A summary of the call and alert will be provided in the portal.

Vendor agnostic

The GlobalNOC Light Service is completely hardware/device agnostic, and always will be.

Hands-on onboarding

The turn-up of a new service can be a daunting task to any institution. As with all services the GlobalNOC provides, we’re there with you every step of the way.

Simple pricing

No need to keep track of device counts to plan or budget for subsequent years of support. Our cost is $12,000 a year (or $1,000 a month) and it includes the hardware needed to get you up and running.