GlobalNOC Light

Meet our newest service

Are you looking for affordable, lightweight network operations center (NOC) services for your smaller college or university? Our new service, GlobalNOC Light, offers a suite of top-notch NOC services to fit your budget. 

The service is built using GlobalNOC’s best-of-breed operations automation platforms. With a simple configuration console, your campus IT staff can set a high-level monitoring policy for your network, while GlobalNOC Light automatically and constantly updates monitoring based on this policy when we detect changes in your network via automated polling.

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GlobalNOC Light Video

Description of the video:

Network outages are serious for all higher education institutions. Taking action and mitigating damage varies quite a bit depending on the institution's size. Small and medium-sized institutions can face challenges that their larger counterparts simply don't have to consider. Overly complex solutions, bandwidth, funding, technical staff, to name just a few. But what if the smaller schools could learn about critical Network events when they happen, in real time, and be notified by a personal phone call from an actual human working in a 24x7x365 Network Operation Center? The GlobalNOC’s newest service offering GlobalNOC Light does just that and more. The global network operations center at Indiana University or GlobalNOC is the nation's largest research and education network operations center. For more than two decades our team has been shaping the future of network services and supporting some of the most advanced networks in the world. With GlobalNOC Light you can now get affordable network monitoring, including dashboards and maps for network visibility. An active performance measurement and monitoring at a reasonable and non-complicated price. GlobalNOC Light is built on the same best of breed operations automation platforms that we use to support some of the largest and most complex networks in the higher ed space. Why us? We know the challenges you face because we're part of the same higher education community that we support. The GlobalNOC is the trusted partner that has been supporting and building Regional National and international r&e networks for over 20 years. Our work supports colleges and universities, K through 12 schools, government institutions, and nonprofit agencies from across the US and beyond. Unlike many commercial competitors the GlobalNOC is and always will be completely vendor agnostic. The GlobalNOC understands that turning up a new service can be a challenge even in the best of situations. During the onboarding we'll be there with you every step of the way. We offer simple pricing that's easy to understand and easy to budget and plan for. No need to count or keep track of devices. Our simple pricing model is $12,000 a year. $1,000 per month. Our pricing includes the cost of the on premise hardware that will monitor your network and connect to the GlobalNOC operations centers. The GlobalNOC team would love to talk to you in more detail about GlobalNOC Light and how it might benefit your team. Please reach out to set up a call or demo with GlobalNOC Light. Our team will stay up lateand watch over your network so you don't have to.

GlobalNOC Light Service—Why us?

Trusted partner

The GlobalNOC has been a trusted partner in the research and education community for the past 20+ years, providing world class network support and systems services.

Human interaction

When there’s a critical issue happening on your campus network, our world-class Service Desk will be in touch with you via a phone call, discussing the alert. A summary of the call and alert will be provided in the portal.

Vendor agnostic

The GlobalNOC Light Service is completely hardware/device agnostic, and always will be.

Hands-on onboarding

The turn-up of a new service can be a daunting task to any institution. As with all services the GlobalNOC provides, we’re there with you every step of the way.

Simple pricing

No need to keep track of device counts to plan or budget for subsequent years of support. Our cost is $12,000 a year (or $1,000 a month) and it includes the hardware needed to get you up and running.

Getting started is easy

We’ll provide an appliance for your campus – either virtual or physical – in order to securely connect your network to the GlobalNOC. Our auto-discovery agents will handle most initial and ongoing enrollment of your network devices into the service. When new devices are discovered, you will be asked to provide a bit of extra information to complete enrollment and ensure we’re correctly monitoring the new device.

By leveraging standardized network management interfaces, we’re able to monitor a wide variety of network devices and services including:

  • reachability (ping)
  • interface up/down
  • interface threshold (via TSDS)
  • interface errors (via TSDS)
  • BGP up/down where supported by equipment using the standard MIBs.

Dashboards, Service Desk, and monitoring

We’ll provide you with a set of standard dashboards that will allow you to see basic activity on your network devices, graphed over time, such as bit/packet/error rates for each interface on your network. We’ll also provide a live map view of your network, and optionally include your network in our Global Research Map project.

GlobalNOC Light features active engagement by our 24x7x365 Service Desk for your most critical issues (as defined by you). Our service includes live engagement in a small number of critical incidents per month. For these incidents, our Service Desk staff will be responsible for reacting to an alert on your network 24x7x365 and directly engaging your staff to hand off the issue.

Using the community-developed perfSONAR software, GlobalNOC Light will provide you with basic active performance measurement and monitoring between your campus edge and other R&E networks such as GlobalNOC and other participants in GlobalNOC Light. This capability will allow you to regularly prove out your networks’ ability to sustain high-speed data transfers and actively alert you to degradation in network performance.