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The GlobalNOC is unique among network operation centers. We are a nonprofit focused exclusively on the R&E community and the research and development of advanced network services.

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By R&E, For R&E

Experience and Focus

For nearly two decades, we’ve supported some of the most advanced R&E networks in the world. We know the unique networking needs of scientists and educators because we’re part of the same community. We have years of experience overcoming those same specific challenges.

Research and Innovation

We keep up with the technology of the networks we support by researching, testing, developing, and implementing innovative network services. We even run workshops to teach our network partners our latest methods. It’s something a university-backed NOC can do, and definitely beyond normal network operations.

Flexibility and Commitment

We’re a nonprofit organization. We don’t answer to shareholders, so we can offer flexible, customized services designed to meet both your needs and your budget. There’s no slick sales pitch—just the right advanced network services and a commitment to our partners.

About GlobalNOC

Based in two advanced facilities connected by persistent video links, GlobalNOC uses an array of custom-built monitoring and management tools to provide unparalleled network operations control. Unlike a typical NOC, we also research, develop, test, implement, and teach the latest innovations in network services, hardware, and software.

Created to help Internet2 found its networking community, the GlobalNOC started providing high-quality NOC services for Internet2’s Abilene network in 1998. Since then, we’ve evolved alongside the R&E networking community, growing from a three-person staff to an organization of more than 100 specialists. We now serve more than 20 networking projects, ranging from small and local to global in scope.

Personal Touch

Despite our growth in size and capability, GlobalNOC remains committed to providing outstanding service with a personal touch to each of our R&E partners. Our support staff is ready to help any time of day, every day of the year.

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Project Highlights

Creating New Regional Interconnections

Growing demand for network engineering and operations has created a burst of interest in the services of IU’s GlobalNOC. We’re proud to announce four new partnerships spanning four regions of the country.

Robots Invade GlobalNOC Control Rooms

Meet Hal and GlaDOS, the two newest members of the GlobalNOC team. Some say they look like iPads on sticks, but don’t let their appearance fool you. By allowing continuous network management, a stronger team bond, and behind-the-scenes tours, these robots mean serious business.