GlobalNOC Services

GlobalNOC Services

The GlobalNOC provides carrier grade complete network operations support with a customized suite of Service Desk, and Tier1, Tier2, and Tier3 engineering services. Our Service Desk, Network Engineering, and Software and Systems teams work as an integrated unit to ensure reliable operations services and fast-changing capabilities for the evolving research and education networking community.

Service Desk

The Service Desk uses fully redundant control room sites on IU's Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses to provide supported networks with:

  • 24x7x365 call center support
  • Trouble ticket management
  • Support coordination
  • Workflow support

Software and Systems

The GlobalNOC's Network Operations and Engineering services rely on advanced network management software specifically developed by the GlobalNOC software team to meet the needs of research networks. We leverage this software to provide state-of-the-art Software-as-a-Service for projects that only require advanced network management and measurement capabilities.

Benefits of this cloud-based model include:

  • Continuous updating
  • Paired with advanced visualization systems that show real-time networking information on a global scope
  • Fully integrated system of network management and measurement tools

Expert network engineering

The Network Engineering team provides fast problem resolution, provisioning, and strategic engineering and planning. They support:

  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 networks of almost any type or scope (from regional DWDM to national IP networks)

Network deployment, architecture, and consulting

GlobalNOC engineers deploy networks from planning stages to test and turn-up, following industry standards and best practices for colocation facilities.

Our expert network architects also advise and assist networks with their strategic architecture and service planning needs, including:

  • New service enablement
  • Network architecture review
  • Configuration improvements
  • Security audits