IU pushes network advancements at Internet2 fall meeting

Indiana University is well represented at this week's Internet2 Fall Member Meeting in Philadelphia, with more than 20 attendees in attendance. The semi-annual gathering provides a venue for higher education's computer networking leaders to share information and build relationships with other experts. 

The meeting's workshops and discussions are focusing on the importance of innovation, community, and transformation to push network technology forward.  Network experts from IU will lead four of these sessions, with presentations on the university's latest innovations in network technology. 

GlobalNOC services update and customer forum

October 2, 3-4pm

Marianne Chitwood (Director, Operations, GlobalNOC), Luke Fowler (Senior manager, Software and Systems, GlobalNOC), Jon-Paul Herron (Director, Engineering, GlobalNOC), and Dave Jent (IU associate vice president of networks)

This interactive presentation will provide customers and Internet2 users with a platform to share suggestions for future projects and services. Topics may include:

  • User satisfaction methods
  • Network notifications handlings
  • Sharing operational information
  • Interest in network portal and other embedded network information

The changing role of the technologist as higher ed embraces the cloud

October 2, 3-4pm

Jacob Farmer (Manager, Identity Management Services, IU), Michelle Decker and Derek Owens (University of Notre Dame), Kris Steinhoff (University of Michigan)

Cloud services provided by Internet2 NET+ simplify network operations and decrease costs, but success with cloud requires a heightened level of expertise. Jacob Farmer, lead systems analyst and programmer in the Identity Management Systems group at IU, collaborates with the University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan to explain technologists’ evolving responsibilities due to cloud computing. Farmer recommends the development of specific skills before taking advantage of cloud services.

Watch this presentation live on October 2 at 3pm (EST).  

KINBER and the GlobalNOC: Building and operating a state R&E network from the ground up

October 3, 1:15-2:30pm

Marianne Chitwood (Director, Operations, GlobalNOC), Luke Fowler (Senior manager, Software and Systems, GlobalNOC), Jon-Paul Herron (Director, Engineering, GlobalNOC), Peter Heverin and Mike Carey (KINBER)

IU’s GlobalNOC leaders team up with the Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) to explain the engineering challenges encountered while building the Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN). This advanced statewide network uses an operation model based on the partnership between GlobalNOC and KINBER. Discussion will center on the large fiber build and the pervasive deployment of modern services such as IPv6 and the perfSONAR performance measurement infrastructure.

OpenFlow in an hour

October 3, 4:30-5:30pm LIVE STREAM

Steven Wallace (Training Coordinator, InCNTRE, IU) 

Steven Wallace—leader of the InCNTRE SDN Interoperability Lab and senior technical advisor to Internet2—condenses the details of OpenFlow technology into a one-hour presentation. Wallace will explain the origin, value, and market issues of OpenFlow—a communications protocol that improves network management efficiency. 

Watch this presentation live on October 3, 4:30pm (EST).