IU installation of top-speed network enables Big Red II


Indiana University’s leadership in high-speed computer networks continues with the installation of Monon100, the fastest research and education network to date.  Through the installation of two 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) network links, Monon100 enables research computing through new systems like IU 's Big Red II (BRII)—the nation’s fastest university-owned supercomputer at a peak rate of one petaFLOPS.

With speeds 10 times faster than the previous network, Monon100 will increase the university’s research capacity, save resources, and open the door for scientific and medical breakthroughs. Monon100 also advances the capabilities of other IU computing systems. For example, data storage facilities like Data Capacitor WAN will see significant increases in data transfer speeds and the amount of users sharing resources.

Monon100’s installation is a two-part process, each establishing a precedent in computer network speeds for higher education. After successfully completing the first phase in July, the GlobalNOC is now moving forward with phase two.

During phase one, GlobalNOC engineers launched a 100Gbps network that runs between Indianapolis and Chicago. This link made Indiana the first state to connect to Internet2 at this speed. It also gives all Indiana GigaPOP members, including Purdue and Notre Dame, access to Monon100.

The second phase will connect Indianapolis and Bloomington, establishing the university as one of the first in higher education to join separate campuses through a 100Gbps network. Project leaders expect to complete the installation process by January 2013.