GlobalNOC deployment project facilitates new Internet2 platform

In less than two months, GlobalNOC engineers installed and configured 14 network devices between New York City and Los Angeles. This speedy deployment process makes Internet2’s Innovation Platform possible.  

“Throughout the installation process, our engineers travelled over 11,000 miles and used nearly 5,000 feet in data and power cables,” said Jon-Paul Herron, director of GlobalNOC engineering. “We also managed each deployment’s design, testing, and logistics, which allowed us to remain flexible as we quickly responded to Internet2’s needs.”

The Innovation Platform is a combination of new technologies and services that provide an end-to-end networking architecture. The project provides three major benefits to national, regional, and campus levels. These benefits include: 

  • Increased network capacity and speed through added bandwidth
  • Fewer bottlenecks by implementing revolutionary network structures
  • A new class of network control due to software-defined networking capabilities

As the project’s infrastructure provider, Indiana University delivers considerable amounts of bandwidth through a 100 Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 connection. The red circles on the following map show where GlobalNOC engineers installed network devices.

View the infrastructure map.

With added bandwidth between major US research centers, scientists will be able to share and analyze large data sets in significantly less time.  

IU scientists are already experiencing the benefits of Internet2’s advanced capabilities. The university’s status as an early adopter of Innovation Platform technologies will allow the IU Department of Biology to make discoveries that weren’t even imaginable five years ago. In fact the added bandwidth transfers data so quickly that biologists now lag behind in developing appropriate statistical methods for studying the data. 

After completing the Innovation Platform’s installation phase, IU will remain involved through software support and network engineering.