GlobalNOC shares advancements with R&E community in Hawaii

Four GlobalNOC engineers travelled to Honolulu in January to present at the Techs in Paradise 2013 conference (TIP2013)—a collaboration between APAN, ESnet, and Internet2. The conference provides a platform for the global research and education (R&E) community to learn about cutting-edge technology and share new research. 

This trip to Hawaii isn’t as unusual as it seems. Each year, the GlobalNOC gives approximately 25 presentations around the world at locations such as Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Singapore.

“The GlobalNOC really encourages its engineers to serve as leaders in the community by presenting at conferences and teaching others about what we do,” GlobalNOC engineer Hans Addleman said. “It also gives us the opportunity to travel to some pretty exotic places.”

In Hawaii, Addleman and Greg Boles presented two, hands-on tutorials. Participants learned new techniques, standards, and tricks to help improve network installation, including skills related to:

  • AC/DC power
  • Cable management and termination
  • Lacing
  • Documentation

GlobalNOC leaders Luke Fowler and Ed Balas also spoke at TIP2013. Their presentations focused on Internet2’s plans for GENI services and the GlobalNOC’s advancements with software-defined networks. 

“It’s nice to show off the work we do,” Boles said. “It gives me a sense of pride to be able to give our customer an insight into the cool things we do for them.” 

Networking is another big benefit of the conference. The R&E community is constantly collaborating through email, which sometimes leads to miscommunication. GlobalNOC attendees appreciated the opportunity to sit down with their research partners from around the world and discuss new ideas, coordinate project details, and receive customer feedback.

Luckily it wasn’t all work and no play for the GlobalNOC team and the 10 other Indiana University representatives. The conference provided recreational activities for all attendees, including a tour of Pearl Harbor and a luau reception dinner.

“One of the best parts of travelling with the GlobalNOC is that you usually have a few hours here and there to tour the city, see historical sites and just enjoy yourself,” Addelman said.